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BI Analyst

Dymaccion Lab S.A.S

The BI Analyst will be responsible for leveraging data to deliver insights to clients. The role focuses on integrating Dymaxion Labs product’s data management capabilities with external Business Intelligence (BI) tools to produce comprehensive analytics and visualization solutions.

Main responsibilities / goals:

● To contribute to the development of dashboards and visualizations that add value to clients and enable them to make decisions quickly.

● Participate in the design, execution, and maintenance of visualizations.

● Document the processes and generated content.

● Help clients to answer important business questions through DataViz.

● Provide technical support and training to customers on how to use the BI tools integrated with GoodSeed.

● Keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies in BI and analytics, making recommendations for improvements.

● Work closely with the development, product, and sales teams to ensure aligned strategies and shared insights.


● Proficient in Tableau. Experience creating dashboards, calculated fields, clear visualizations, and user/permission management.

● Analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and address business challenges using data.

● Proficiency in English.

● Strong desire to learn new technologies and skills.

● Knowledge in SQL and database management.

● Knowledge of R language and agriculture is a plus.

Conocimientos y habilidades valorados
  • SQL – Intermedio

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