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Application Support Analyst – Puerto Madero IT Resources – Capital Federal , Buenos Aires

Se necesita Application Support Analyst – Puerto Madero


IT Resources

IT Resources is looking for an Application Support Analyst to join a team of important company


Tasks/ Responsibilities:

Daily monitoring and maintenance (including periodic upgrades, backups, preventative maintenance, etc) of various staging and production environments, ensuring uptime and stability.

Troubleshooting systems performance issues, formulating a repair-strategy and implementation thereof.

Continued review of security architecture and ensuring exploitable vulnerabilities are mitigated.

Designing and architecting system and platform changes, according to business requirements, including systematic role-out plan/strategy for deploying those changes to live environments.

Configuring, testing, deploying and maintaining various:

physical and virtual servers

network equipment

cloud tenancies


third-party software platforms

Integrating/interfacing hosted on-prem systems with third-party cloud-based platforms.

Collaborate with multiple teams on various projects and deployments

Basic user helpdesk support (setting up accounts, VPN configs, etc)

Other duties as assigned.


Minimum of 5 year’s experience in a senior infrastructure engineer / systems architecture role for technology-oriented organization required.

Hands-on experience working with Linux (incl all of the below on Linux).

Strong understanding of Ubuntu Server edition and Centos/RHEL required.

Strong understanding of Linux mail systems, SMTP, large scale email platforms, DKIM, SPF and the holistic process behind email delivery/transfer.

Extensive experience working on AWS and GCP.

Exceptional problem determination and creative problem solving skills.

Strong written and verbal skills.

Strong understanding of software development lifecycle.

Strong documentation and organizational practices.

Extensive experience with many of these:

Mac OSX / Linux (Both hardware and Operating Systems)

MySQL, deployment, clustering, replication, maintenance and troubleshooting

Network architecture, deployment and troubleshooting

Network, physical and virtual host system security (local FW policies, IDS systems, mac-filtering, DMZ’s, etc)

Monitoring platforms and SNMP (Nagios, Icinga, OpenNMS, etc)

Cloud based security platforms (Cloudflare, etc)

Cloud-computing technologies (OpenStack, oVirt, RHEV or similar)

CDN principles and inline caching

Deployment automation systems (Ansible, Puppet or equivalent)

Expertise with multiple Web technologie

We provide:

Direct dependence relationship with the client.

First class Medical coverage.

Lunch tickets.

Workplace: Puerto Madero

Workday: Monday to Friday from 9 to 18hs



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